inDemand Community: Center Croatia

Ago 26, 2020

Center Croatia (Croatia)

Challenger: Dom zdravlja Zagreb – Centar (DZZC)

Centar (DZZC) is the largest provider of primary health care services in the Republic of Croatia. DZZC is a publicly funded institution. Centre for “Field nursing” is an integral part of DZZC which provides high level of educational and preventive activities for health professionals, healthy population (special groups such as pregnant woman, new born, breast feeding, children, elderly, etc.) and for chronic patients (diabetes, COPD, obesity). DZZC is public institution that provides accessible, complete and integrated health care to the population of Zagreb.


Funder: City of Zagreb

City of Zagreb, Department for Health Care has long tradition of providing health care services. City has over 20 health care institutions including primary, secondary and tertiary services. Since 2001 city has Declaration of Health that assures that all citizens have equal rights to health care.


Supporter: Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions is a cooperative cluster of business consultancy companies, engineers and IT companies that working together to promote sustainable development, bio-economy and circular economy.

Because of its multiple initiatives and projects, it has access to a large network of contacts from the eHealth solution space across Europe. Sustainable Solutions also has a track record of business mentoring and support to entrepreneurs and SMEs, which can be also applied to the development of project-specific exploitation plans. As part of its expertise, the association has specialized in the identification of unmet needs in Health that can be solved with the use of ICT. Finally, Sustainable Solutions has proven experience connecting public and private sector to business angels, identifying EU grants or other types of funding.