inDemand Community: Piamonte

Jul 03, 2019

Piedmont (Italy)

Challenger: SS. Antonio and Biagio and Cesare Arrigo. Hospital (Alessandira Hospital)

The challenger is Alessandria Hospital, a public entity recognized as a National Medical Centre of high specialization, and it’s a self-contained establishment with legal and entrepreneurial autonomy.

Funder: Società di Committenza della Regione. Piemonte S.p.A. (SCR Piemonte)

SCR Piemonte is the central purchasing body of Piedmont Region born with the aim of rationalise public spendig and enhance public procurement in the field of healthcare, transport facilities and telecommunication.

Supporter: bioPmed Piemonte Innovation Cluster

The main goals of Association Innovation cluster bioPmed are both to stimulate the growth of the health care and life science sectors as a whole and to support single companies in their R&D activities and in exploiting business opportunities.